Paul Clipson is a citizen of the UK and the USA. In recent times he has watched both his countries fall under the spell of leaders peddling false and divisive stories.

Paul Clipson

Paul has enjoyed a thirty-year career in leadership development and organisational change. He has been VP of HR for the USA division of WHSmith. He was the VP of Leadership for Canadian food giant Maple Leaf Foods and most recently he has been the VP of People for the international division of Camelot Lotteries. His work with good bosses has given him hope. But he has also worked for companies where he has been completely demoralised by bad bosses who suck up energy in their need to be the most important person in the room.

He knows how demoralizing it is to work for an appalling boss. His work with good bosses has given him hope.

He is a lifelong student of the Human Sciences, working across academic boundaries to find solutions to the challenges of our times.

Paul draws in particular on his training in anthropology which he weaves into his corporate experience to create a highly entertaining roadmap for navigating the rocky future that awaits we humans.
Paul has been helped in the design of this book by satirical cartoonist Sam Hepburn who has added humour to the serious subject of extinction.

Hal the last surviving Neanderthal has also added mournful comments on humanity from someone who knows what it’s like to go extinct.

Ali The Alien has added at an extra-terrestrial perspective with their disappointment at our current leaders and an interest in followers.

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