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The author’s consulting business is called “The We Humans Project” which promotes participation and mutual responsibility in the workplace and the world

  • Changing the workplace is one step toward changing the world.
  • The world of work is where adults learn leadership and followership.
  • The workplace can teach us to be obedient or to be challenging.
  • We can go to work and feel resentful at our appalling bosses or we can feel fired up and powerful.
  • Going to work is like going to the gym – it builds our muscles and gets us fit for the challenge. We are facing big challenges so we need to be in peak condition.

The We Humans Project helps organisations to create truly participative workplaces that are addressing the challenges of our time. We do a number of things:

  • We help organisations to develop potent leadership and followership skills based on radical respect.
  • We conduct purposeful and participative workplace audits to assess current reality – not tick-box employee engagement surveys.
  • We develop the skills of wider world planning – not so-called corporate strategic planning which is usually Ostrich Planning.

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