We moan about our leaders and our bosses – but we need more than just different people in the top jobs – we need a different kind of leadership altogether. And that means we followers need to stop moaning and start being active and challenging and engaged.
The Climate Crisis won’t get resolved by us moaning about our lousy leaders and their appalling indecision. Environmental destruction won’t be stopped by bosses who have learned to speak green cliché.

We need to hold our leaders to account – and we followers need to hold ourselves to account as well if we are going to wake up and read the writing on the wall.

Unless we change how we do leadership and how we do followership then Homo sapiens is just another human species that went extinct.

Who the book is aimed at…

Human beings who are worried about the direction we humans are headed.

Employees in big organisations who can see we are heading off a cliff but feel powerless to change things. It’s tough being in the middle of organisations, knowing that most of the “motivational” stuff we hear from our bosses is corporate greenwash wrapped in corporate hogwash. We know that what we hear at work doesn’t really address the crisis we are facing. This book provides signposts for the powerful and the powerless to get on the right track before it’s too late.

Bosses in private sector and public sector jobs who really believe that we are all in this together – but not bosses who just say “We are all in this together” in order to get what they want out of their workforce.

Specialists in the Leadership and Development profession who know the current leadership development curriculum is way past its sell-by date.

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